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Alkaline Water Filters Help to Naturally Balance Your Body’s pH So You Can Feel Healthier

Are You Tired, Easily Fatigued, or Have Digestive Issues? A low, or acidic, pH could be the cause.

When your internal pH becomes too acidic, your body may begin to steal minerals from organs and tissues to work to maintain the proper pH range causing energy depletion and gastrointestinal issues.

Your body may also use calcium and phosphorus from your bones to help alkalize (increase the pH of) your blood if needed. Research has even shown that cancer could possibly thrive more in acidic conditions than alkaline and that illness & disease have a harder time surviving in alkaline environments.

While water purification systems do a world of good to reduce harmful contaminants like arsenic, lead, Chromium 6 (the Erin Brockovich chemical), chloramines, & trihalomethanes, it also removes good minerals like calcium from the water.

An alkaline filter that works in line with a reverse osmosis system adds these vital pH-improving minerals back in so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the ideal pH level.

A reverse osmosis system with an alkaline cartridge is the perfect, all-natural way to improve your health so you can feel better and enjoy life more.

Here at EcoWater San Diego we help thousands of California locals get healthy water for their family and their home. Since we live and work here, we’re committed to quality service and happy customers. All our products are backed by excellent warranties and come with friendly, convenient reminders to get your filters changed. Contact us today to learn more about better drinking water!


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jim moran
18:23 27 Jan 19
They did a fantastic job. Fabian A., who did the install, did a highly customized professional installation. He worked hard and diligently until the system was up and operating. He helped walk me through the programming and made sure the mobile app was functioning correctly. Awesome job! All work was done to code and passed the county inspection. We are thoroughly enjoying the soft water and reverse osmosis drinking water.
Carol Gay
00:32 18 Jan 19
Fabian was great. So knowledgeable and hard working to make sure my system was set up properly. He knew what he was doing and made me feel confident in not only him, but the company. Carol
Laura Bostock
22:28 09 Jan 19
We love eco water systems!! They have made drinking water out of a faucet do-able. In the past it has always grossed me out and tasted disgusting. Our water is divine to drink. Not only that it keeps our appliances and fixtures beautiful. Today Tim dropped off my first ever salt delivery and filled my tank for me. He was very personable and professional. I am now hooked on the salt delivery they offer.
Alexander Ortiz
23:34 28 Dec 18
I really didn't do anything at all but tell Victor where I wanted the system installed and where it would drain to. From A to Z Victor took care of everything. I purchased my water softening system through Costco and I am now 100 percent confident with my purchases through them. Eco Water is vetted through Costco and I now see why they chose Eco Water to service their customers soft water needs. Thanks again Victor for walking me through your install and for being polite, courteous all the while installing a great system. Cheers!
Joseph Lin
21:39 08 Nov 18
EcoWater is a wonderful company to work with. The technician, Frank Martinez, arrived early and got straight to work. He ran into some issues with the pipes but was able to overcome them without a sweat. Friendly and thorough guy. Total time spent was around 5 hours. I highly recommend this company. Thank you, Frank!
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